How do you like your bread?

How do you like your bread?

Posted on 07. Mar, 2017 by in Bread and conversation

What colour should bread be when it is "done"?  Should a baguette have pointy ends?  Yikes!  These are #firstworldproblems! Nevertheless, people have strong feelings about them.  There is a fashion for very baked loaves at the moment.  Many trendy bakers are turning out what I think is burned bread.  I confess I would not buy it and would not sell it either.  However, maybe I am just a stick in the mud.  However, I just don't think they look nice, I am pretty sure thave tough crusts, and taste burned.  However, maybe I am just a stick in the mud.

Here are some photos of golden loaves, shaped with a snubby noses.  My idea of a perfect baguette shape.  I would buy these loaves.  I would be proud to sell these loaves. I am assuming of course that the inside is as nice as the outside and the flavour is good.


Golden colour


Snubby nose

Here are some photos of dark brown loaves with very dark brown (black), pointy noses.  I would not buy these loaves and would not sell them either. You would have to throw away the ends both because they will taste burned and they will be so hard and dry that you could not chew them, so you would have to throw them away.  What a waste!


Very dark brown crust


Black (burned) noses

So, which ones would you buy?  Let us know and we can tell you who baked them and where they can be purchased!  Alternatively, bake your own!  Click here to find the recipe for the best baguette in the great baguette bake off.

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One Response to “How do you like your bread?”

  1. Eric Bubb

    07. Mar, 2017

    I visit France quite often my favourite bread is the Pain Traditionnel from Central Le Clare (French Supper market) Burnt bread is carsogenic.

    I would never eat or sell burnt Bread. AS for TESCO bread would never eat it.

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