Build on strengths this year for a wonderful 2017

Build on strengths this year for a wonderful 2017

Posted on 10. Jan, 2017 by in Bread and conversation

It's that time of year again!  The time we at the global HQ of Virtuous Bread think deeply about virtue and the upcoming year.  What is so interesting about virtue is that just 5 or 6 years ago, nobody wanted to talk about it. The word made people uncomfortable:  they sensed judgement and a certain level of nasty piety.  Today, I am happy to report that this "negative charge" is beginning to wane.  The zeitgeist has shifted and, believe it or not, now we see that people are actively interested in interacting in a more positive way with one other and talking about how much happier that makes them feel.


Hello!  Small Food Award winners and sponsors connect over good food.

In some ways, the reason for this is simple:  people are heliotropic. Like plants, we naturally seek the light. We deviate toward kindness, generosity, concern and cooperation and once we give those a chance, we like it so much we want more. It's just that it's taken opinion-formers and mass communicators - corporations, the press, social media, self help gurus - a while to cotton onto this. Now that they have, they reinforce what we already know. Most people are nice. Most people care. Most people get up in the morning to do their best. The more our language articulates this, the more it becomes true and self evident.  Language, you see, is a very powerful thing and we will almost always move in the direction of our language.  Think negatively, violently, with mediocrity, and that is where you will go.  Think lovingly, positively, and hopefully, and that is where you will go.  As the Sikh's say, change your thoughts to change your words to change your world.

How nice to meet you!

How nice to meet you!

I founded Virtuous Bread because I experienced the positive charge that occurred when I gave hand made bread away to neighbours and friends. 100% positive affirmation, 100% of the time.  Take bread out of the oven and everyone is happy.  Give a loaf of bread to someone and they are happy.  Share a loaf of bread with someone and they are happy.  Happy, happy, happy. That is why I chose bread as a catalyst for positive change.  I did not set out to fix the world's problems just to get us back to where we started before the financial crisis.  I wanted to go a lot further so I set out to effect positive social change, building on our collective strengths - humanity, kindness, generosity, cosmic amazingness - embodied in a simple loaf of bread.  Why go for ethical when you can go for virtuous?  Ethical should be table stakes.  Virtue is transcendent.  Like a loaf of bread, it takes you where you always dreamed you would go.

Happy New Year 2017 to all!  May you give and receive loving kindness in the year to come.

Into the light

Let's go somewhere wonderful together this year

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