A Bake Off!

A Bake Off!

Posted on 08. Jul, 2010 by in Bread and conversation, Competitions, demonstrations, rants and other stuff

There is nothing better than a bake off if you are a certain kind of nerdy competitive person.  So we here at virtuousbread.com (clearly all types like that) have dreamed up a great, new kind of bake off to demonstrate the properties and behaviours of different flour and to showcase small UK millers.

Recently, BBC Country File Magazine ran an article featuring six traditional millers in the UK.  We contacted the millers and the magazine and asked them if they would like to participate in a bake off.  The people from the BBC get a free baking lesson and a follow on article that will be informative and fun, we get more great content for virtuousbread.com and the millers get more exposure.  Win! Win! Win!  The idea is not about winning and losing, it is about teaching the folks from the BBC about flour and how different flours behave differently and produce different loaves even if the same recipe is followed.  The idea was to bake everything on the same day in the same place to control for variation. 

Almost immediately Nick Jones from Little Salkeld Mill in Cumbria responded on behalf of the Traditional Corn Millers Guild asking if we would not mind opening up the bake off to all members of the guild (and there are about 30 of them).  All we could do was squeal with excitement.

Since then we have gently prodded the BBC and are watching the proverbial space.  We hope you watch it with us.

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