Virtuous Bread changes the world through bread is dedicated to changing the world through bread

The Mission

Founded by Jane Mason in 2010, makes it fun and easy for people around the world to buy, make, learn about, share, and eat good bread and in so doing, creates the link between eating good bread and doing good things.

“Bread is the staff of life." “Know where your bread is buttered.” “Don’t take bread out of someone else’s mouth.”“Don’t quarrel with your bread and butter."

We instinctively recognise bread as a representation of life's basic necessities.  It is a perfect catalyst for social change.

Eating well makes it easier for us to do good.

It is simple

1.  We provide information about good bread:  what it is all about, where to get it, and how to make it.

2.  We use bread as a catalyst for social change:  we teach bread making courses, help people set up home and community baking businesses, bake with groups as different as socially excluded children, prisoners, the elderly and executives, travel around the country with The Travelling Bread oven to make good bread available all over the world.  the website

On you will find the following main sections:

1.  A blog. The blog records our comings and goings, learnings and experiences both bread and non bread related.  In the blog, we write about our bread adventures around the world, share international bread recipes, communicate celebrity bread stories, and sometimes just describe how it feels to be a start up social enterprise doing something as mad as using bread as a catalyst for social change.

2.  The list of bread making courses in London, and other places in the UK. We always have basic bread courses, in which you learn to use yeast and make soda bread,  and sourdough bread courses, in which you learn to bake bread and crackers with a natural yeast culture (otherwise known as sourdough bread or wild yeast bread).  We also have an ever changing schedule of seasonal bread courses in which you can learn to bake Ciabatta and Focaccia , learn to bake cinnamon buns and stollen in preparation for the holidays, and learn to bake dinner party bread that is simple, elegant, and guaranteed to impress your friends and family.

and bread courses to help you make bread that contains, as well as, recipes, techniques and videos for the home baker, information about the commercial activities of - all of which involve encouraging and enabling people to build relationships by making and sharing good bread.

3.  A section that informs you about our charitable activities - how we do good and give back to society.

4.  The Virtuous Network - a source to help you find good bread and bread related products and services wherever you are in the world.

5.  The Blog which contains bite sized stories and ideas about bread and bread related matters, the experience of setting up and running a social enterprise, and the many virtues that are around us in our every day lives.  the commercial activities

1.  Teaching: how to make basic bread

2.  Teaching: how to make sourdough bread.

3.  Bread Angels: how to set up a home baking business

4.  Executive team building:  problem solving/team building with bread

5.  Unique and original events

6.  The DIY Bakery  the charitable activities

1.  Baking with prisoners.

2.  Baking with school children.

3.  Baking with hospice patients.

4. Baking with women in shelters.  helping us grow

We hope inspires you to try different kinds of bread either by buying or by learning how to making it at home.  We hope you help us to deepen our collective knowledge of bread and so please participate in our polls.  We hope you enjoy reading our issues, interact with the blog and send links to your friends and family to help spread the word.  Finally, we hope you would like to enage with either as client or as a sponsor.  If you like what we are doing to help change the world for the better and would like to support us, either through sponsorship or by advertising on the site please contact us.

We have just been awarded a £5 000.oo grant from Unltd., a company that has been operating for the past ten years and that is dedicated to helping social entrepreneurs with both practical and financial support to build profitable companies with a big social conscience.  We would like to thank them for many things but most of all because they believe in us enough to give us a grant.  What about you?  Eat well.  Do good.

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15 Responses to “Virtuous Bread changes the world through bread”

  1. Timothy Lauren

    20. Sep, 2010

    I am impressed with Jane, her work and her focus. Eat Well. Do good. should be Trademarked!

    This is exciting and connects me to her world and makes it mine.

  2. virtuousbread

    20. Sep, 2010

    Thank you Timothy - that is such a lovely thing to read on this cool autumn morning. Jane

  3. Linda Adeson

    28. Feb, 2011

    Would love to organise a 'bread event' as a fundraiser for a charity I do work with. Can it be done in my home? Or do you have a facility? Please could you let me know?

  4. Kimberley Solari

    17. May, 2011

    Dear Jane, Thank you for calling me today. I am looking forward to becoming a bread angel. Jane If you feel you need Reiki Please have a surf of my web site you will be amazed at how your body will feel. The treatment is out of this world.
    Reiki Blessing, Kimberley

  5. Khris

    15. Jun, 2011


    Harriet was in my store (Khristopher's Culinaire, Ouray, CO) yesterday and told me about your website. Very nice! She came back in today and brought me some of the 1856 sourdough. Can't wait to try it. I attended the CIA in New York and was a professional Artisan Baker for years before starting my kitchen store so I appreciate what you are doing, best of luck.

  6. shilpa

    13. Nov, 2012

    i live in india i would like to know about your duration and fees for the bread making classes i m a homechef and cater to parties in small quantities . i was interested in learning some authentic european breads

  7. shilpa

    13. Nov, 2012

    i m from india an d i wanted to know about the duration and fees of your breadmaking class


  8. Joy Bell

    17. Jun, 2013

    I started last year to make my own bread, and I havent looked back since. Jan mason's bread book is very helpful , also the videos of the needing is very helpful.
    Many thanks for the help and inspiration you have inspired.

  9. virtuousbread

    18. Jun, 2013

    Thank you so much for your kind comment. It means a great deal!

  10. Peter

    26. Sep, 2014


    My name is Peter Vrhovec and I come from Slovenia. I would like to present you my project or my view on how to make good bread, which has always been a staple food of mankind, with which we could together achieve good business results.

    So I am asking you to take a little of your time and leaf through our ELECTRONIC BROCHURE, in which we want to briefly describe the main points or the essence of the project. We have also created a short VIDEO ANIMATION to facilitate the visualisation of the project. If we, with the presentation of the project, attracted your attention and you see a good business opportunity in it, you can always contact me for project details at this e-mail address or at the below mentioned contact details.




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