Virtuous Bread changes the world

Virtuous Bread was founded in 2010 to effect positive social change through bread.

One winter day in 2009, my motorcycle would not start.  It turned out to be a rather complicated and expensive fix, and being short of money (I had just left my job as the stress of it was keeping me up at night) and long of bread, (which I was baking while I was awake in the middle of the night) I offered to part-pay the repair man in bread.  The bread was a sourdough Borodinski rye loaf and the man was from Russia.

He tossed it up and down in one hand to gauge the weight of it.  He inhaled it's aroma, redolent with coriander and cumin.  He nearly wept as a sense of longing came over him for his homeland, his family, and all the things he loved.  He had been lonely, he confessed, and now he felt happier, a little more connected and at home, knowing there was a corner of this foreign land where he could get the bread he loved.  I gave him bread, he fixed my bike and I observed the power of a simple loaf of bread. In the edgy and disconnected post-crisis world, he also gave me had an idea:  to change the world through bread.

Today, Virtuous Bread is self-financing social enterprise.  Through the Bread Angels network of award winning micro-bakers and trainers, we teach people how to bake bread, how to set up micro-bakeries and how to teach others how to bake bread and set up micro-bakeries.  We have taught thousands of people how to bake their own bread and taken hundreds of people through the micro-bakery course, enabling budding entrepreneurs to realise their dreams of running their own businesses.

The Bread Angels' volunteer work includes teaching people how to bake bread in places as diverse as prisons, schools, care homes for the elderly, shelters for street kids, and centres for young people who are neither in education nor employment. In addition, Bread Angels have participated in a programme to help people with mental illness learn to bake bread and experience some relief through the baking process, and worked with refugees to help them learn new skills and integrate more easily on their arrival into the UK.  The courses and workshops we run for these groups are customised to meet the participants' needs.  Did you know that cannot use yeast in a category B prison?  Many elderly people find it too difficult to knead a conventional loaf of bread.  Most refugees speak no English.  There are countless ways to bake bread and countless ways to teach.

We frequently partner with different organisations to deliver bread courses and are happy to play whatever role is needed.  The Clink Charity, The Real Bread Campaign, and The Refugee Council are all organisations with which we have teamed up to create meaningful experiences with bread. The Bread Angels' Hall of Fame on Facebook is where our students can show off their new found baking skills.

Click here if you would like to take a bread course or learn to set up your own microbakery.

For more information on the work we do, or if you would like to partner with us to change the world through bread, please contact us.





15 Responses to “Virtuous Bread changes the world”

  1. Timothy Lauren

    20. Sep, 2010

    I am impressed with Jane, her work and her focus. Eat Well. Do good. should be Trademarked!

    This is exciting and connects me to her world and makes it mine.

  2. virtuousbread

    20. Sep, 2010

    Thank you Timothy - that is such a lovely thing to read on this cool autumn morning. Jane

  3. Linda Adeson

    28. Feb, 2011

    Would love to organise a 'bread event' as a fundraiser for a charity I do work with. Can it be done in my home? Or do you have a facility? Please could you let me know?

  4. Kimberley Solari

    17. May, 2011

    Dear Jane, Thank you for calling me today. I am looking forward to becoming a bread angel. Jane If you feel you need Reiki Please have a surf of my web site you will be amazed at how your body will feel. The treatment is out of this world.
    Reiki Blessing, Kimberley

  5. Khris

    15. Jun, 2011


    Harriet was in my store (Khristopher's Culinaire, Ouray, CO) yesterday and told me about your website. Very nice! She came back in today and brought me some of the 1856 sourdough. Can't wait to try it. I attended the CIA in New York and was a professional Artisan Baker for years before starting my kitchen store so I appreciate what you are doing, best of luck.

  6. shilpa

    13. Nov, 2012

    i live in india i would like to know about your duration and fees for the bread making classes i m a homechef and cater to parties in small quantities . i was interested in learning some authentic european breads

  7. shilpa

    13. Nov, 2012

    i m from india an d i wanted to know about the duration and fees of your breadmaking class


  8. Joy Bell

    17. Jun, 2013

    I started last year to make my own bread, and I havent looked back since. Jan mason's bread book is very helpful , also the videos of the needing is very helpful.
    Many thanks for the help and inspiration you have inspired.

  9. virtuousbread

    18. Jun, 2013

    Thank you so much for your kind comment. It means a great deal!

  10. Peter

    26. Sep, 2014


    My name is Peter Vrhovec and I come from Slovenia. I would like to present you my project or my view on how to make good bread, which has always been a staple food of mankind, with which we could together achieve good business results.

    So I am asking you to take a little of your time and leaf through our ELECTRONIC BROCHURE, in which we want to briefly describe the main points or the essence of the project. We have also created a short VIDEO ANIMATION to facilitate the visualisation of the project. If we, with the presentation of the project, attracted your attention and you see a good business opportunity in it, you can always contact me for project details at this e-mail address or at the below mentioned contact details.




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